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QuickStart's Job Guarantee

We are confident that you can land a job in a high-growth industry if you choose one of our flexible Bootcamp programs and make a commitment to achieve your goals. That is why we offer a Job Guarantee that will refund 100% of your tuition if you are not offered a Qualifying position within a year of graduating.

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The QuickStart Job Guarantee:

Our bootcamps prepare you for entry-level jobs. We offer various services to help you find your first post-bootcamp job to kickstart your IT career. The QuickStart Guarantee enables you to achieve your IT career goals or your money back. Our commitment to you begins with our dedicated Career Services team, which assists you with resume building, mock interviews, and career counseling. We are also partnered with many companies and organizations looking for fresh talent like you, and many of our bootcamp graduates find successful careers through these partnerships.

We guarantee that you’ll find a qualifying job within one year of graduating bootcamp or your money back*.

With our dedicated team of Career Services experts and more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, we understand the skills and effort required to get you the perfect job. In addition, our Job Guarantee requirements are set to help ensure you succeed.

Questions or concerns about our job guarantee? Fill out an application or contact us at bootcamps@quickstart.com


The following Bootcamps are eligible for the QuickStart Job Guarantee...

  • Cybersecurity Bootcamp
  • Data Science Bootcamp
  • Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
  • Cloud Engineering Bootcamp

Please note: ALL other programs, certifications, or courses DO NOT qualify for this Guarantee.


1. Overview

At QuickStart we stand behind our bootcamps and their ability to get you a job! Eligible students can receive a 100% refund* if you are not offered a qualifying job within the guarantee period, as long as you fulfill all the requirements and terms below.

*Terms and conditions apply. Full refund is tuition cost minus your $500 application fee.

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2. Eligibility

A commitment to successfully completing a QuickStart bootcamp will require consistent effort and dedication. -The first step to pursuing our job guarantee is to ensure you meet the following criteria. If you do not meet these qualifications, you will not be eligible for a job guarantee.

To be eligible for the QuickStart’s Job Guarantee, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You must be at least 21 years old
  2. You must select an immersive bootcamp and pay all bootcamp tuition upfront (payment plans are not eligible)
  3. You must be either a US citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) who is legally authorized to work in the United States
  4. You must live within 40 miles of, or be willing to relocate to, one of the following Metropolitan areas:
    • 1. Atlanta, GA
    • 2. Austin, TX
    • 3. Boston, MA
    • 4. Charlotte, NC
    • 5. Chicago, IL
    • 6. Dallas, TX
    • 7. Denver, CO
    • 8. Jacksonville, FL
    • 9. Minneapolis, MN
    • 10. New York, NY
    • 11. Raleigh, NC
    • 12. San Diego, CA
    • 13. San Francisco, CA
    • 14. Seattle, WA
    • 15. Washington, D.C.
  5. You must be proficient in both written and spoken English
  6. If you are turned down for a role because of failure to pass a background check you will not be eligible for the Job Guarantee program.
  7. You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or meet the minimum professional work experience for your field of study (defined below):
    • Cybersecurity: 2 years of IT Support/ IT Administrator/ Network Support Specialist experience.
    • Cloud: 2 years of Windows & Linux Systems Administration experience.
    • Data Science: 2 years of experience as a Data Analyst/Business Analyst/Business Intelligence.
    • Web Development: 2 years of experience in HTML5, CSS and JS or Python.
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3. Job Preparation Effort Requirements for Job Guarantee

Our dedicated Career Services team is here to help, but you must work hard too! During your Bootcamp and as you approach graduation, you will need to complete the following criteria and requirements to remain qualified for the job guarantee:

  1. You must graduate from the Bootcamp within the program time, six months for Data Science, Cybersecurity and Full Stack Web Development and five months for Cloud Engineering
  2. Upon completion of the bootcamp you must successfully earn two certifications (exam costs are not included in Bootcamp tuition) see below:
    • Cybersecurity: CompTIA Security+ and EC-Council CEH Exam.
    • Cloud Engineering: CompTIA A+ and Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900).
    • Data Science: Microsoft Power BI (DA-100) and Data Science (DP-100).
    • Web Development: QuickStart’s Web Development technical assessment.
  3. You must do the following during your job search period (mid-way through your bootcamp and for 1 year after you graduate from your bootcamp.
    • You must communicate with the Career Services team, responding to all career counseling communication within 3 business days. You must not cancel scheduled appointments with them more than 2 times, unless it conflicts with a job interview.
    • You must set up a profile on our job search portal, called Huntr and keep your Huntr board updated at all times. Huntr is the only system that will be used to document job search efforts. Personal lists, spreadsheets or other methods will not qualify as documentation.
    • You must create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one and start your 30-day free trial of LinkedIn Premium during the QuickStart Guarantee period.
    • You must build your professional network by reaching out to at least 7 industry professionals a week as tracked in Huntr.
    • You must be available for a minimum of 2 job interviews a week if invited.
    • You must apply to at least 10 “In-Field” jobs each week

In summary, you must be committed and put an effort toward an active job search for a Qualifying position (defined below). Your adherence to tracking your efforts in Huntr will ensure you are able to remain in compliance with the Job Guarantee.

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4. Qualifying Position Description

Qualifying work, or a qualifying position, includes all of the following:

  1. A salaried position working at least 30 hours a week
  2. Multiple part-time positions adding up to 30 hours a week
  3. Remote or part-time contractor positions with the potential to be converted into a full-time job.
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5. Job Guarantee Period

The Job Guarantee period is 12 months and starts upon graduation from your respective bootcamp. This period is subject to change (Up to 18 months) if the national unemployment rate exceeds 6%. The Job Guarantee period may also be extended (Up to 18 months) if the country is affected by any unforeseen disaster or calamity effecting the employment rate in any of the metropolitan areas you are targeting.

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6. Money Back Guarantee

If you do not receive and accept a qualifying job offer in your chosen field within 12 months of graduating bootcamp, you can request a full refund of the bootcamp tuition (minus the application fee of $500). However, you must have met the requirements in the eligibility and job preparation phase.

Please note that your career counselor and your adherence to tracking your job search efforts through Huntr will determine whether you are putting in sufficient effort towards your job search. If QuickStart determines you have not put in sufficient effort, defined in the job preparation requirements, the job guarantee can be nullified.

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7. Seeking a Tuition Refund

If you have not obtained a qualifying position within the Job Guarantee Period and have satisfied other Terms and Conditions set forth herein, you must email bootcamps@quickstart.com no later than 360 days after your Job Search start date. The email must contain the below information:

  1. Your Full Name and Contact Details
  2. Certificate of Bootcamp Completion
  3. Certification that you have the QuickStart Guarantee requirements (both eligibility and Level of Effort required during the job preparation and search period
  4. Statement that you were unable to get a Qualifying Position within 360 days of your graduation date.
  5. Request for a full refund (minus the $500 application fee)

QuickStart will review the application and may request you to provide further information for verification which you must provide within 5 business days. If QuickStart approves your refund request, a refund will be issued to you within 30 Business days after receiving your refund request.

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